Preferences - Default Files - file window not opening

• Sep 23, 2015 - 01:44

In Preferences > Score, the file-open buttons don't do anything if the text in the adjacent text box starts with a colon (':'). This is the default state in Instruments list 1 - it starts with ":/data/instruments.xml" (Having altered this text and tried to remember how to put it back, the slashes maybe should be backslashes, but it makes no difference to the issue.) In order to select a new instruments file, I have to clear the text box first.

BTW, am I right in thinking the default instruments file is in fact a hard-coded one (or stored somewhere I can't find), not the one at C:\Program Files\MuseScore 2\instruments.xml? (I'm using Windows XP.) It seems the one in Program Files/... is just a base that users should use if they want to edit the instruments file.


I don't understand the first part of your post. Which button specifically is not working for you? If I don't change the contents of Edit / Preferences / Score / Instrument list 1 - so it still has the default value of ":/data/instruments.xml", then press the browse button, it works jsut fine for me. I guess you are on some version of Windows; which specifically?

As for the second part, yes, you are right the default is built in to MuseScore; that's what the ":/data" indicates. The version in the installation folder is indeed there for you to use as the basis for your own modifications.

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The button I'm trying to use is I'm sure what you call the 'browse' button - with the folder picture, to the right of the text box. The preferences window very briefly loses focus, but no browse window comes up. A correction, on my system the button only fails if there is something after ":/data/" in the text box, ie: ":/data/b" fails, but just ":/data/" brings up the browse window. It also only fails for the two 'Instrument list' buttons, the two for 'Style' and 'Style for Part' work fine, no matter what is in their adjacent text box. I'm using Windows XP, SP3.

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Not on my windows XP machine, as I said. Maybe it's not worth fixing for XP alone, as the problem will apparently disappear once I upgrade my computer and therefore get a new OS. I'll live with it in the meantime. As far as I'm concerned the issue is closed, unless somebody else knows there are enough XP users out there to make a fix worthwhile.

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