change instrument in the middle of a work

• Sep 19, 2015 - 19:58


I am typesetting some composed music into musescore. I now have a work that switches in the clarinet line between A and Bb-clarinet. How can I do this in musescore? If I change the instrument through "staff properties" this effects the complete composition, but I just want the effect for the following notes, not the earlier ones.
Or do I have to create two different staves and use the one or other?

I use musescore 2.0.2.



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Hmm, that does not work, so what am I doing wrong? I select the starting measure, double click on "instrument" in the text menu, the word "instrument" appears above the selected measure. I right-click on the word "instrument" and choose "instrument change" nad choose the A-clarinet. I click on OK.
When I now right-click on the measure (or any one that follows) it says "Bb clarinet"! When I check the "instrument" word it says "A clarinet". But there is no actual change in the measures, no accidentals that appear at the beginning of the staff line, etc.

What am I doing wrong?


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Nothing. The instrumet change text is for playback only. There is currently no way to change transposition in the middle of a score. There are a number of possible workarounds, and if yuou do a forum search you should be able to find some previous discussions on the topic. One method is to use one staff for the Bb, one for the A, and use Hide Empty Staves to show only the one that is relevant at any time. Another is to have one staff where playback is correct, another where the appreance is correct. Set the first to not display the second to not play.

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