Custom text not reflecting in parts right after changing the style

• Sep 19, 2015 - 18:00
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P1 - High
S3 - Major

Nightly b376184 / Windows 8.1

First reported here:

To reproduce from scratch:

1) New score for flute -> Input some notes in the first measure, or open this file: flute score.mscz
2) Generate parts
3) In the main score, create a custom text via: Style -> Text -> New -> Name -> Ok -> Ok
4) Add in the first measure a staff text (Ctrl + T) eg: 'rit.'
5) Select this staff texte (rit.) -> In Inspector, change this text style for the new custom text.
Note that change is not reflected in part.
6) Always in main score, select the first measure, which contains the custom text ('rit.') , and copy-paste into the second measure
7) Ctrl + S ( Save)
Result: crash


The problem is that we are creating a text element in the part with a style index that is not valid for the part, since the style does not exist in the part. Two basic solutions I can see.

One would be to go ahead and make the creation of a style automatically update parts to include that style. A little awkward in that normally styles are independent, so we'd have to think this through to make sure the semantics make sense.

The other solution would be to notice the style index is invalid when creating the text element, and instead of using that style index, just use the default style for that element type, but perhaps the relevant text properties for the specific element applied.

FWIW, just got bit by this a couple of times on a pretty big project. Luckily I realized the problem quickly, as I remember this bug as soon as the second crash occurred.

In my particular use case, I wouldn't actually have cared which solution was implemented. But my thinking is the first (automatically reproduce new styles in parts) makes more sense and is probably easier.

I can reproduce this crash in MuseScore 2.3.2 but not in 3.0. It seems it is not possible in 3.0 to add custom text styles, is it?

Status active won't fix
Regression No
Reproducibility Always
Workaround No

If it is not the case for 3.0, so let's mark it as "won't fix".

Title Custom text not reflecting in parts causes a crash in copy-paste Custom text not reflecting in parts right after changing the style
Severity S2 - Critical S3 - Major
Status won't fix active
Workaround No Yes
Frequency Once
Priority P1 - High

There is no crash, but 5) item is correct. New text style is not reflected in the part.
Workaround is to copy-paste the measure to itself.

Status active closed

Since there is no more custom text style. this is mostly not applicable. If you skip that step and instead assign user-1, the worst that happens is that changing text style in the score doesn't affect the part. But that's actually by design, just as changing visibility isn't linking. So I'm just closing this.