Several Bugs and/or Erroneus Features (Triplets, copy and paste crashes)

• Jan 21, 2009 - 14:40

1. On my Acer Aspire One Netbook, running Ubuntu 8.10, the program crashes when I try to copy and paste a long single line into a new file.

2. I have several issues with triplets at this point in time. I am trying to create a triplet figure with a quarter note followed by an eighth note, underneath the triplet bar. This seems to be impossible so I attempted to tie two eighth notes together underneath the triplet bar, followed by a third, but when I click on the button to create a triplet the program it removes the tie from the note, therefore making it impossible. Maybe having another way to create triplets, such as selecting the notes first would make this easier, but then thats alot of coding also.

3. When trying to make 3 quarter notes underneath a triplet (so that they take up a half note length), the quarter notes are barred together accidentally. They are spaced like quarter notes in a triplet, and certainly sound like them, but they look like eighth notes. For an example please see measure 8 of the solo line in the attachment

I would offer to help in development, but I am afraid there is not much I could offer, I am not currently fluent in modern coding, except maybe the basics of html. I applaud the work that has been done thus far and very soon my choir will be using this program.

If there is anything I can do to help let me know... Thx

- Nick

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I haven't ever encountered the first problem, but I'm pretty sure the other two are fixed in the prereleases. Let us know if you still have any trouble.

I have upgraded to the new release 9.4, I was running 9.2. It appears that questions 2 and 3 were both solved on my desktop. It looks as if the tie on the triplets was hidden by the lines of the staff.

I have not yet upgraded my laptop to see if the program still crashes, I will report back when i do.

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