Hitting spacebar in lyrics mode

• Sep 16, 2015 - 03:03

This seems to be a bug.

Step 1: Make a mistake. Put two words without a space between them:
Lyrics error 1.JPG
2: Go between the words and hit space...
Lyrics error 2.JPG
...and it goes to the next note, instead of splitting the word.
Lyrics error 3.JPG

Preferably, you would be able to write this,
Lyrics error 4.JPG
put a space between "and" and "it", and get this:
Lyrics error 5.JPG


That's not a bug; it is how it designed to work. Most of the time you hit space, it is because you *want* to move to the next syllable. In this particular case, it jsut so happens you wanted something else, but you can make that happen using cut & paste.

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No, not to me. In fact it is incredibly common that I would hit space bar in the middle of a word. Say I have a typo in the middle of the word - like I typed "strage" instead of "strange". I move the cursor back between the "a" & "g", type the "n", then hit space to move to the next syllable. I probably make that type of mistake 50 times an hour. I make a mistake like what you describe more like once a week.

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