How to add this Pre-Stave barline

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I don't know actually how to name it and so what to search for but... I'm looking something in MuseScore to do the following:


Is it possible to have that "parenthesis" and text before some particular staves? This is useful for me to tell players that in that point of the piece are playing the same part. In the case of the image above, players of part I and players of part II have the same notes.

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Thank you Shoichi. The second one is a nice solution!
Now I nearly obtained what I wanted but still looking for a way to indent staves only on a specific part.
I found this workaround: just use horizontal frames and then set the width to 0 where I don't want them... but I don't like it cause what if I want to have back the frames that I hid? I simply can't cause they *really* disappeared, I just can't select them anymore! :D

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The reason is that in some particular point some parts have the same notes: part 3 and 5 from bar 27 to 36 and from 43 to 48; part 4 and 5 from 37 to 4. So part 1 and 2 must not be affected by this, nor the complete score because it's an information related to singular part.

It's useful for players so they know that in those points there will be more people playing the same (or almost the same) part.

Yeah they can have different sizes but when it occurs between two bars, it create a gap even if I set the width to 0.00sp. Also I don't like this because, as I said, once I've set the width to 0 I can't recover the frame anymore in that part (I don't know why should I recover but let's say I would like to).

So probably the best thing is to save parts as separate files and work on them.

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So you are talking abut a gap *between* two bars, not just indenting the beginning? I guess it would help for me to see the score you are talking about. I've seen thousands of scores in and parts over the years, and just can't picture what you are talking about. Sure, it's common for there to be information that only affects some given part(s), but normally that would just be ordinary staff text, not need for frames.

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I'm sorry Marc, I didn't explain myself well.

Let's say I'm editing part 3. I add an horizontal frame at the beginning of a stave, for example at bar 30. The problem is that in the complete score bar 30 isn't at the beginning of a stave/system so the horizontal frame is making a gap between bars. If I set the width of the frame to 0, the gap is reducing but still remaining!

This is a separate part file, this is what I was trying to do.

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It appears to me you are tring to use horizontal frames as a substitute for a staff name. So my first thought is, it would be better to simply use a staff name. By having separate staves for guitar III, IV, and III-IV, and then using "Hide empty staves", you should be able to get something like this automatically on every relevant system just as you want it. The way you are trying to do it is going to be frought with problems, like what if the layout changes so a different measure starts a given system. That too is handled autoamtically if you use the ordinary staff naming facility rather than trying to manually force frames to do this work.

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