Opening the Open Goldberg variations score

• Sep 15, 2015 - 18:14

I am trying to open the Open Goldberg variations score, and am getting error messages, and issues with the formatting.

Several others have reported on this, and have usually been referred to the "nightly build" of Musescore.

I tried to open the score using the nightly build as of September 14, but it did not work.

(Obviously? )

Are the notes on the score referring to some nightly build or development version from a specific date/time? If so, where can I find this to download?

Would it be possible to open the score in this version, exporting it to some basic format, and reimporting to a more recent version of MuseScore in order to be able to open it, and hopefully retain most of the formatting?



I don't think the Goldberg Variations have ever been upgraded to 2.0, but have been created with an early and pre-2.0 development version. The file format had changed between that and the final 2.0, so that might explain the problems you are seeing?

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Like This

Measure 813 Staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 3/4; Found: 54/32
Measure 814 Staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 9/8; Found: 54/32
Measure 814 Staff 2 incomplete. Expected: 9/8; Found: 6/8
Measure 815 Staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 9/8; Found: 54/32
Measure 815 Staff 2 incomplete. Expected: 9/8; Found: 6/8
Measure 816 Staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 9/8; Found: 54/32
Measure 816 Staff 2 incomplete. Expected: 9/8; Found: 12/16

If I get an older versjon from sourceforge, could I open The score?

There are a lot of very serious problems with those files, and they can't be opened correctly with any version of MuseScore. Would the PDF version satisfy your needs?

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Hi, I have got access to many scanned/pdf versions of the score, but I'd like to add my own fingerings, do som regrouping etc, inspired by Paul Barton s changes…

So an editable score is a must!

Is it not possible to find any old version that can open the score? I am assuming that someone at some time, connected to the opengoldberg project did type the score in musescore?

Thanks for all help and info!

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The problem is that the version of MuseScore used for the Open Goldberg project never actually existed. The Nightlies are basically test versions of the software—something new every "night"— that may or may not actually be usable and may or not be compatible with the actual released versions of the software. Open Goldberg was created with a specific Nightly from a long time ago that was an early draft of what MuseScore 2.0 could eventually be like, and, as it happens, MuseScore 2.0 and up are rather different and not really compatible. (The scores can't be opened at all with the previous released version, MuseScore 1.3.)

Ordinarily it's not supposed to be possible to share scores created with a Nightly on for exactly this reason, but an exception was made in this case, and so now these problems result. Unfortunately, I don't really know what else you can do except try to fix it up yourself.

The OGV was made with an experimental build of MuseScore 2, almost 2 years before the actual release. Hence the corruptions and other issues you are seeing upon opening the mscz file into MuseScore 2.

Werner is working on an improve revision on the score. It's work in progress though, so patience is asked for now.

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