Chord symbols -- "C bass" etc.

• Sep 15, 2015 - 01:59

In the New Real Book, when they want to indicate a bass note (and nothing else) with a chord symbol, they use this:
C bass.JPG
I've tried doing this using a hard space between the note name and the word "bass", but it looks like this:
C bass 2.png

So basically what I'm asking is "can I put an actual space in a chord symbol?"


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C bass 3.png
Oh the toils...glad to know this is being worked on!

The word "bass" is a piece of staff text anchored to the same note with a horizontal offset of 2.25 and a vertical offset of -10. I kind of like the smaller size; is there any chance "bass" could be a chord symbol in the next version?

Right, and what I am asking is, how do you see that as being different from me simply fixing the bug that prevent that space from "sticking" currently? As far as I am concerned, with that bug fixed, there is nothing further required, unless there is some other aspect to what you asking that still isn't clear.

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Some chord symbols have the text rendered smaller than 15pt. For example, compare what happens when I write "C7lat" with what happens with "C7alt". Beneath are examples of what would happen if the bug was fixed, and what I'd like to happen:

Chord text size.png

Smaller text on "bass" means a smaller chord symbol, which means more room.

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Feel free to file a feature request for this. It's certainly possible to add a definition for that. Would hekp to find published examples from multiple publishers showing a standard for this. FWIW, I've never seen anything write that other than Sher; the more common standard for a bass note is "/C", which of course takes far less room.

Ultimately, I hope we provide some sort of editing facility that would give you control over all of this.

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I guess. To me that is so rare as to be inconsequential, and it usually lasts a significant amount of time (say, 8 bars worth of a C pedal point) so that the space taken is irrelevant. But it's easy enough, so why not - I'll do it.

I'll probably make "pedal" work the same way while I'm at it.

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