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• Sep 13, 2015 - 06:28

Its very difficult for me to tell when a note is highlighted--Musescore's blue is just too close to black on my smallish monitor. I've looked in Preferences and Style/General for a way to change it, and searched through the handbook for "highlight" and "color", but can't see a way to change the selection color. Can this be done, or is it impossible?


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Shoichi, many thanks for replying. Unfortunately my difficulty is in seeing whether a note has been selected or not in the first place, so that I can then proceed to perform an operation upon it. Once I have ensured that a note is selected--which I would also have to do first in order to use Inspector to change its color--the problem has already been solved. So changing each note that way is not a solution to the problem; the problem must be solved first before that operation (or any other) can be performed on the highlighted element. As one of the commentors in 23988 says, the solution must be global.

So, Mr. Sabatella or someone else--has there been any progress on issue 23988?

Precisely because of what Mr. Sabatella says in 23988 post #6 (different monitors make different colors hard or easy to see), this needs to be a global setting that users can change to fit their specific system. Being able to globally change the highlighted note/element to bright orange would certainly make my scoring a good deal less frustrating than it currently is.

Not saying Musescore is bad or anything. It's a great program. Just like to see it even better!

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Shoichi -
The problem is not just your monitor, the problem is the eye itself. There are two color pairs that are notoriously hard to see, one is "blue on black", the other is "yellow on white". A workaround is to zoom into the score so that the notes are bigger. The solution is to change the highlighting color of the note from blue to something else, preferably user-defined. I love MuseScore and couldn't do without it, but this is a glitch for sure.

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I have just updated to the newest version 3 today and I have the same problem with my eyes to clearly differentiate between normal notes in my score and the ones I have highlighted.
I have tried out all colour parameters of edit=>preferences=>advanced with no success so far.
Which one is the right parameter and at what stage does the colour change appear? Do I have to close and reopen my score to see the effect?

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