copy frame and everything in it

• Sep 12, 2015 - 00:57

Did a search for "copy frame" and the results were unhelpful, so please accept apologies if this has been answered elsewhere; I did a cursory search of the handbook and didn't find anything relevant either (it talks about creating & deleting them, but not copying).

So I have a vertical title frame that I want to copy and paste into subsequent sections of the same score. I will alter some of the text each time but substantial portions will remain the same. Since these are sections of an ongoing score, not new scores, I can't just save the first section as a template and keep opening new scores with that frame (such a solution would require that the composition be split into entirely different scores).

So can you copy a (vertical) frame with everything in it, including embedded horizontal frames with images, and paste it elsewhere? (I've tried the obvious select-and-right-click methods, and Edit | Copy, but with no results.


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