Lost 1 Hour of Work

• Sep 9, 2015 - 18:59

Last night I was working on a score up until the time I went to bed. I saved the score and left it open on my desktop. I got up this morning and found only the Windows desktop open. When I opened Musescore a window popped up and asked if I wanted to resume my last session. I said yes and my score reappeared. Unknown to me, Windows did an Update at 1:11AM which restarted my computer. I continued working on the score, with no problems, saving it at times along the way. When I got almost to the end, I tried selecting a measure but it wouldn't select no matter what I tried. I then saved the score, closed Musescore and reopened.

When I went to Open Recent, the first three scores were 3 "program generated" files.(See attached image) Only one dated today at 10:00AM. There are no other files that have the saved content after 10:00AM.

One thing I know for sure: while working on the score today, the name of the score was correct on the tab above the score. I was copying and pasting from another open score so I verified the names as I switched back and forth.

I hope I've made myself clear. I'll probably have to redo the lost hour but thought it might be important in some way.

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But the scores saved (not the backups) should not be in the corresponding folder?
Under Preferences / General> Scores which is the destination?

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This has come up a few times. I think what happens is that after you do a "recover", MuseScore does not want to mess with your original copy of the file, so it creates a brand new one that has the original pathname built in to it - like _C_Users_Marc_Documents_MuseScore2_Scores_My_Song.mscz. I think you are supposed to notice that it has changed the name to that - you'll see it in the title bar and/or name of the tab for the score - and I guess that is supposed to clue you in that you shoudl actually do a "Save As" and choose a better name for it - including, perhaps but not necessarily if you don't trust the recover operation, overwriting the original name. But if you don't do a Save As, it defaults to saving it with that long crazy name in whatever folder MuseScore is actually running in. Probably deserves an official bug report / feature request to look at that changing the specifics of how that all works.

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Right on Marc. That's exactly what happened. I took that long file name and Save As, overriding the original file. The only strange thing is where the file ended up. I found it under the root directory of my slave drive.

Edit: It saves that long file name to the directory where your scores are filed. In my case, I store my scores on a separate slave drive.

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