2.0.1 file incorrect in 2.0.2

• Sep 6, 2015 - 22:28

When the attached file created in 2.0.1 was opened in 2.0.2, several lines became too long. What's going on?!? (A pdf created in 2.0.2 is attached for reference, although it didn't appear exactly the same when I looked at it here as it did in my Adobe Reader.) Is there a way to go back to 2.0.1?


But I definitely wouldn't recommend it - way too many bugs fixed between 2.0.1 and 2.0.2. 2.0.2 includes some significant improvements to font rendering (including music fonts). One big advantage is, there will be differences between systems (Mac / Windows / Linux) than before - the same font rendering is now used on all systems.

But with improvement comes change, and yes, occasionally some things will fit differently. So occasionally you might need to reduce stretch here or there, or change the minimum note distance in Style / General / Measure, to fit something that fit differently before, or add line breaks if you didn't have them before.

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Thanks. OK, I won't go back. What surprised me was that decreasing the side margins noticeably didn't solve the problem. Minimum note distance was already 1.0. I had already reduced stretch quite a bit in the affected places. I had to decrease the staff space from 1.499 to 1.413 to solve the problem even with a little extra squeezing. Almost 6%. That seems like a lot for an update. This is a score where I am really trying to fit as much as possible on a page for the sake of page turns, the bane of amateur pianists, while trying not to go to smaller type than necessary for the sake of weak eyes, which I used to have before cataract surgery.

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BTW, one important typo in my previous response - I meant to say "there will be *fewer* differences between systems ... than before". It was pretty common in previous releases for a score to load differently between WIndows, Mac, and Linux in exactly the ways you are seeing here, because the font rendering was so different on these three systems. If I recall correctly, Windows in particular would round certain floating point numbers to integer at very inopportune points, leading to differences that, if my math is correct, could easily be around 10% at the scale involved (eg, the difference between 5.5 and 6). So what you are seeing in 2.0.2 might well be exactly what a user on another OS would have seen in 2.0.1.

Anyhow, I also wanted to mention that you may have misunderstood a different aspect of my previous response. "Minimum note distance" is not the same as "Measure spacing". Yes, you had "Measure spacing" turned down very low, but "Minimum note distance" (in same dialog) still has room to go. Other settings in that dialog - like distance between notes and barlines - are worth playing with too. You also had some additional stretch applied to some measures which wasn't making things easier. Finally, it could be worth experimenting with other music fonts, in Style / General.

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In case it's of interest, changing the musical symbols font from Emmentaler to Gonville let me go back to my previous space size, i.e., made a difference of 6%. Apparently the aspect ratio, if that's what you call it in music, must be higher. I guess I also reduced note to barline distance by .1.

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