editing footers, headers, etc.

• Sep 6, 2015 - 04:40

I gather that the very convenient WYSIWYG editing of footers, etc, that was available in 1.3 by double-clicking is not feasible in 2.0, a great loss, the only one I'm aware of. But could a double-click at least take or point you to the correct place? Getting there takes two or three not very intuitive steps. The center footer is under File / Info / Copyright, others under Style / General/, (not Style / Text), if I'm not mistaken, which I may be.


That's a good idea. Not quite sure how feasible it is, because of how they are implemented, but I definitely agree that something has been lost that would be good to try to figure out a way of improving.

"The center footer is under File / Info / Copyright": this is not entirely true: that menu item contains the copyright notice or, better, the text of the $:copyright: macro variable.

This macro happens to be used in the centre footer element by (some of?) the default styles, but it can be placed anywhere else (or removed altogether), by modifying the contents of the header/footer elements under "Style | General | Header, Footer, Numbers".

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