full-measure rest in irregular measures

• Sep 5, 2015 - 07:23

Deleting the contents of an irregular measure does not create a full-measure rest as expected. The full-measure rest seems desirable if, for example, a pianist is playing with other instruments and can follow their parts in the score.


Seems it's already being implemented. [Del] clears the whole measure and inserts a rest.

[Pre-release for 2.1.0 build a23ef38 (ubuntu)]

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Yes, but not a *measure* rest, if the measure has actual duration != nominal. In most cases it is better to show the actual duration, or the player won't know how long that rest actually is. But there are special cases like cadenzas where it does seem appropriate, and hence the explicit command to convert normal duration rests into measure rests.

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Ah, I thought we were talking about irregular time signatures here. I tend to associate the term "irregular measure" with a pick-up/anacrusis. In that case, I can't see why having a whole-measure rest would be appropriate as it isn’t a whole measure. As for a measure that is longer than the main time signature then that would just be confusing not having it's duration indicated. The exception, of course, would be where there is a cadenza and you might want a whole-measure rest on all but the solo parts so, yes, the explicit command is appropriate (if a little dangerous should you forget to hold the [Shift] key down).

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