added space in text disappears on copy and paste and on close and reopen

• Sep 5, 2015 - 01:25

In the attached score, I selected G in bar 1, attached forte f by double-clicking in dynamics palette, clicked elsewhere, double-clicked f to add text, added poco before f, clicked elsewhere, double-clicked the text, added space between poco and f, copied it to first C in the next bar, space disappeared in the copy. Closed and re-opened, space had disappeared in bar 1 also. I closed it again before attaching. I think I am in the original 2.0. I have several times said Yes to downloads but as far as I know they haven't downloaded.

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I can reproduce with this score. Steps to reproduce with this score:

1) load score
2) double click first dynamic
3) edit text to add space after the "poco"
4) save
5) close
6) reload

Result: space is gone

The problem seems specific to the use of italics in the word "poco", which appear to have been added using the text toolbar. If the text is left at the default style, or if the italics are added using Text Properties or Text Style settings rather than the text toolbar, all is well.

I will file an issue on this, thanks for providing the necessary information to reproduce!

EDIT: see #75816: Spaces lost between words with text markup

Glazunov Elegie flute r.mscz Not specific to italics. In the attached score, nothing imported, I entered Allegretto and the MM stuff as system text. To improve the appearance (to my taste), I then reduced the size of the MM stuff and the increased the size of the quarter note. I then copied it to another score and the space before the quarter note disappeared. That might not be so important, but the same thing happens when I copy to another part of the same score and when I close and reopen.

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