Does lyrics affect bars in a sytem settings?

• Sep 4, 2015 - 01:44

Hello. I can set say 8 or 6 bars per system and the lines of systems change according to what i set. But when i have inputted notes and text/lyrics when i try to change the number of bars per line it does not affect it and only adjusts others bars that i have not worked on yet.
I am trying to do short piano exercises of 4, 6, or 8 bars, but I keep ending up with the last bars stretching across the whole line
I want some lines of music to have 8 bars, some 6 and others 4 - i have highlighted the bars i want to affect but still nothing
What am i doing wrong?!


There is no command to set the number of bars on a system - only commands to add line breaks. A line break says to put no *more* bars on that system, but just because you put a line break after 8 bars doesn't mean MuseScore can actually eight bars on a single line. If you want more bars than fit given you current settings for page size, margin size, staff size, measure spacing, and note spacing, then you need to change one or more of those five settings. Page, marign, and staff size are in Layout / Page Settings. Measure and note spacing are in Style / General / Measure. A quick way to override the measure spacing is select the measures you want to squeeze onto one line and use the Layout / Reduce Stretch command (shortcut "{").

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Every time you increase or decrease stretch, it changes the measure spacing by 10%. So sometimes you might need to press two or three times before the measure spacing has changed by enough to actually fit another measure. And there are limits - once the measure spacing has decreased as much as the rest of the settings I mentioned allow, no amount of decreasing stretch is going to help - you will need to change one or more of the other parameters.

Also, note you won't *see* the effect of decrease stretch until it actual decreasemeasure spacing by enough to fit another measure. That's because while the spacing is decrease internally, each system is always then stretched out to reach the right margin.

If you need further help, it is best to include the specific score you are having problems with and describe as precisely as possible what you are trying to do.

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