"Color Notes" Plugin

• Oct 16, 2010 - 00:50

MuseScore Version:
MuseScore Revision: 3507
Operating System: Windows XP
While creating a piece of music, I decided to try the "Color Notes" plugin under "Plugins" on the menu bar. When I pressed it, as I expected, it changed each tone of the notes a different color. However, when I pressed the plugin button again, assuming it would turn it off, it seemed like it was working, for it seemed paused for a second, and the results showed no difference at all. I tried File--Reload, but it also made no difference. I tried closing the program and bringing it back up again (I had the setting in Preferences to bring up last session, I don't know if that is important or not in fixing this issue), but to no avail. I finally tried, as it states in the handbook, "reverting to factory settings," but the colored notes did not change, while all my other preferences did (I know that's what it's supposed to do). I now seem to be at a hopeless end, and reinstalling seems to be the only option. I'd rather not do so, because it takes some time, so if there is another way please inform me of it. Please make this bug fixed in your next release.



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