Pedal line without Ped

• Jan 15, 2009 - 18:07

Hi everyone,

I have a piano piece with a lot of pedal usage. I like to mark this just with a line and a little stroke up at the beginning and end (like |_______________|). The Pedal line in the lines pallet gibes a result like Ped________|. If there are a lot short of pedal lines the "Ped" is kind of confusing so it would be great if there is a way to replace Pad with a |.



Looks like this is a limitation of the current versions of MuseScore.

In case it is any help, the symbols palette has the old-style pedal markings ("Ped." and asterisk "*").

In version, you can right-click on the pedal line to edit the properties of the line. In the dialog window that opens subsequently, untick "symbol" and tick text, leaving the text box right to text empty. This way the pedal sign is removed. You can add strokes in the same dialog.

How do you insert pedal lines? My music teacher told me to hand write in an upside down V lookin thing where I want the pedal to be released and represed to connect my chords. Is there a way to have those marks writen onto the piece?

There are a lot of different conventions depending on country, epoch and publisher. In my opinion, the best convention is to use the pedal line supplied by Musescore. The pedalling starts where "Ped" is written, the pedal is sustained along all of the line and ends at the stroke.

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