Lyrics disappear on note entry

• Aug 31, 2015 - 19:27

I'm digitizing some SATB choir sheet music. In the previous version I could enter one staff(?) first and its lyrics, and then copy those to the next staff. I would then re-enter the notes there, but already have the lyrics copied from the previous staff. Worked great, at least when the lyrics were exactly the same and the words lined up notes the same way in every staff.

Tried it now for the first time in MuseScore 2 (latest), and when I started entering notes the second time, the lyrics started disappearing! Also happens if I click on a single note, and then for example G to move it, but I suppose that's more or less the same thing. Using the up and down arrow to adjust seems to keep the lyrics at least, but really wish the lyrics would be kept on regular note entry as well.

So I'd like to report this as either a super annoying bug, or as a question if there's a better/different way of doing what I try to do. I.e. not having to enter the same lyrics 4+ times :/


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Thought about trying that, but I can only select one word at a time, more if I use ctrl to select more single words, but still, it'd be quicker to type them in almost if there's not an easy way to do that. Also doesn't seem to copy and paste even one word, so...

As mentioned, you can easily copy lyrics from one staff to another now, which was not possible before. Just select all the lyrics you want to copy (eg, right click one, Select / All similar elements on same staf), Ctrl+C to copy, then paste the first corresponding note on the destination staff, Ctrl+V to paste.

As for re-entering notes that already have lyrics attached, for that you simply want the new repitch mode (the icon immediately to the right of the "N" at the far left of the toolbar). Using this, you no longer have to select each individual duration as you did with previous versions - you can just type the new pitches, and all durations as well as lyrics and other symbols attached to the notes are preserved.

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