• Aug 25, 2015 - 01:59

Hey guys,
I just worked so hard for the last couple weeks. And I created this amazing composition. Then MuseScore crashed. No big deal, so when the pop-up that says your session was interupted, re-open files or whatever, I clicked okay and everything was fine. And I would continue on that and hit save. Although I though I knew where it was saving to, apparently not. Today, my Windows 8 restarted for and update and I figured it was fine because I had clicked save. But now I'm opening MuseScore and all I have is the old version b4 musescore crashed. PLEASE HELP! I'M ALMOST IN TEARS RIGHT NOW!!! HELP!


run->%appdata%->musescore->musescore2.ini->find the incredibly ugly number name that was opened last that is probably the crash save->go to that directory. Should still be there.

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I had a similar problem on our Mac. I solved it by searching all directories for the file name. Musescore 2.0 gives files new names after a rescue; so make sure you save to your old filename again.
If you didn't do that you have to search for .mscx files and open the files whose names are not familiar to you; it will be there somewhere.

See No need to panic - if you saved the file, it is on your drive. Just not necessarily in the folder you were expecting it to be in, or with the name you expected it to have. It will have a long name with the full pathname (eg, _users_marc_documents_musescore2_scores/my_first_score.mscz), and will probably be in whatever folder MsueScore itself runs in, as described in the thread I mentioned.

Thank you so much everyone. I managed to find it with the tips you gave me! So happy there is a forum like this on MuseScore! Last day of summer, then back to school:O

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