Is there a way to create a tuplet-style bracket that has a note duration instead?

• Aug 24, 2015 - 22:05

I am transcribing a piece that has a 2-measure long glissando, and in the second measure, there is only the gliss line, and no notes. Is it possible to have a bracket above the measure to indicate that the glissando is what would be a dotted half note?


Can you show a picture of what you are talking about? I'm not understanding what you are actually trying to do.

In general, you can add any symbols you like from the Symbols palette (press "Z"), and if it's anything ever commonly - or even uncommonly - used in published music, it probably is there.

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That's pretty odd - is this from a published score? And there is nothing relevant in the next measure?

Anyhow, as I said, you can add the necessary symbols from the Symbols palette. Press "Z" to display it, type "bracket" into the search box, and add the tuplet bracket sections. You could add the note as a symbol as well, but it's probably easier to add it as a normal note but then force its stem up, then use the "Chord" section of the Inspector to make it small, and perhaps add a small vertical offset. I figure this beats adding the notes as a symbol because there is not otherwise a note in this measure, and adding it as a symbol requires adding the dot separately.

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If your measures have time signatures (in this case 3/4) the length of the slide is already set. If it covers only part of the measure there will have to be rests or notes following (or preceding) and the rest of the balance belongs to the slide.
Seems to me you only run in troubles if you have more than one glissando in the same measure. If the composer did not put in any time signature I suggest he/she probably wanted the players to time it as they feel it.

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I'm not concerned about the playback, since musescore can't do a portamento, I jsut want the notation to be correct. I used some voices and invisible notes to achieve what is there, minus the bracket. The bracket is just to make it clear to the player.

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