Displaying custom key signatures in multiple clefs

• Oct 9, 2010 - 22:09
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I created a custom key signature that contains C#. When putting this key into the score, it would place the sharp on the 3rd space (the c in treble clef) regardless of which clef the staff was in.

Mac version

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This is expected behavior. You need to define key signatures individually for each clef - there is no way for MuseScore to know which staff lines you would prefer to use in each clef.

still an issue. I was able to right click on the individual key signature on the bass clef and do edit element. This allowed me to drag it to where it should be, but that doesn't actually seem to do anything. It still treats it like it is in the treble clef. I tried doing a custom key signature for just the bass clef but then it changed the ones up top.
It occurred to me maybe if I had a separate piano bass clef and treble bass clef it wouldn't happen, but then I remembered that the vocal line is already separate.

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Workaround is to created different custom key signatures for different clefs (ignoring the treble clef that dialog shows)

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I cannot edit the key signature individually for each clef. I created two independent Piano staves, one with the treble clef, the other one with the bass clef, but still when i select one of them, the custom key signature gets applied to both of them, with the sharps in the same place (incorrect). See also #282919. When creating a custom key signature it always shows the treble clef.

You need to create 2 custom keysigs, one for treble clef and one for bass clef, the latter while mentally replacing the treble clef it shows with a bass clef

One of these identical looking key signatures was created while a treble clef stave was selected, the other one while a bass clef stave was selected. It doesn't make a difference. If i select only one of the two staves, any custom key signatures I select gets applied to both of them. I also tried creating two independent piano parts/instruments, it's still applied to both at once.

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First of all, I want to highlight the "Use Ctrl/ Cmd" comment because that's the workaround I was looking for.
(In my case, I wanted a B-Mixolydian key signature to show the A natural, so I first started the score in E-major and then dragged (with ctrl held) the different key signatures for bass and treble clef onto each voice/ instrument)

But when editing the custom keys, I did not find an option to align the accidentals on a grid, so they look kind of messy when comparing both clefs.
Is there an option for that? Does it make sense to create a new issue/ wish for a feature?

Thanks in advance, also thanks for making all this possible

EDIT: It now says "workaround yes > no" in my comment which must have been an option I accidentally clicked and cannot find where to change(?) - in any case, it IS a workaround.

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