"...temp file... permission denied..."

• Aug 21, 2015 - 17:47

I am reposting this at the suggestion request of Thomas Bonte. Thanks Thomas. It was first posted on the Facebook MuseScore discussion board:

"Help please! Since MuseScore 2 I am getting a lot of: "temp files... "permission denied"? It is causing me a lot of heartache and some lost work! What am I/ could I be doing wrong? FYI :I use a MacBook Pro running Yosemite. Hope to hear from ASAP. Many thanks in anticipation."

As I pointed out to M. Sabatella in my reply to his response: the issue occurs when trying to save to an existing score after making some changes; the tab title changes to something like "sc...temp file permission denied"? The file then effectively disappears and cannot be located by any amount of searching? To get rid of my unsaved and unsavable (I am making up words now but you know what I mean) work - permission denied - I clear the "recent files" in file menu and the file is gone and so are my changes? Marc made reference to the folder being used to save my work and I explained that I had been using the folder in Documents/MuseScore/Scores, but, had changed to a desktop folder! As i wondered if this was the problem - or part of it - I reverted back to the original folder.
No problems for over 24 hours now but I am nervous and watching every keystroke.
Very impressed with quick responses I am getting the MuseScore community; well done I really appreciate it.
Bill B


Hi all,
thanks for the comments/replies to my post. Whereas I haven't received any conclusive answers to my my problem the good news is that I haven't lost any further work! Was the folder the problem?
That said I am a bit concerned about this: (see attachment). Out of nowhere in the tab I am getting,for example: scQC3782 and Title? I never created these and if I try to close it I will get "temp file permission denied? The only way to guttered of it is to clear "recent files"?
Thanks again

Can't upload my screen shot -sorry!

I'm afraid I have a very hard time understanding the problem. Do you think you could provide the exact steps to reproduce this problem? When we can reproduce it, we can fix it.

It might be that
1. You tried to save your files under the directory (folder) that only allows sudo (administrative access). If next time, it happens, you could try to save it (Ctrl+Shift+S instead of Ctrl+S) under Documents/MuseScore/Scores instead of trying to save it under the current folder (directory).
2. The path to your saving location could not be found (default path is Documents/MuseScore/Scores and this could be append to insert to the path to the new location). Try to double check the path to the location that you want to save.
I ran into the same problem too but I am using ubuntu. I hope this could help.

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