Better support of replaying parts of score

• Oct 4, 2010 - 16:25

I am often adjusting various parts of a score. When I do that I need to play a certain part of the score. Since there are numbers on each measse I am able to determine which part I want to listen again to check if my modification fits into the score.
Currently I always need to click onto a note on a certain measure and hit play button. And I cannot listen to this part again without clicking again on this part.
It would be pretty hand if there would be a playback option where the current position resets to the last set and not progressing through the score.

An alternative would be something like a "Goto and Play" Hot key, which asks you for the measure you want to start with. After hitting ok it plays the part automatically. If this feature stores the last measure entered I can replay certain parts very quickly by pressing the goto and play hotkey and hitting enter to play the meausure which I entered last into it.


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