[Capella import] Triplets

• Oct 1, 2010 - 17:24
S4 - Minor

On importing a Capella file of a known piece that included triplets, the notes were converted into 'normal' lengths and the triplet mark lost.

As a result the bar lines shifted to preserve the numbers of notes in the bars (measures), getting more and more out of synch as each triplet was encountered.


Title Capella Import bug 2 Triplet editing

I've come across triplets that are not recognised when Capella files are imported. I have made a separate bug report about this.

When trying to edit the notes to convert them back into triplets, it would be very good to be able to select the notes and convert them back into triplets with a simple keystroke.

Typically these triplets involve 3 quavers, or a crochet and a quaver - in the US I believe that this would translate as 3 eighth notes, or one quarter note and an eighth note).

Pressing Control-3 to convert them would be nice, as this is the same keystroke used to make a triplet where none existed before. In Note Entry mode, Control-3 inserts rests and gets in a real mess - not what is wanted when editing an existing stave. If a different keystroke is needed for editing, what about Control-Alt-3 ?

Instead of inserting rests when editing notes into triplets, the bar (measure) line could be adjusted automatically to preserve the correct number of notes in the bar (measure).

Thank you

Title Triplet editing Triplets [Capella import]
Status (old) active needs info

Please zip and attach a sample capella file that has triplets