Cues on Drum Staff

• Aug 13, 2015 - 03:45
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I would like to be able to easily add cue notes to the drum staff of a score.
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I would like to be able to create the cue notes just by copying melody notes from another staff, so that they (a) lose their pitch, and all appear on the same 'line' (apparently the standard location for these cues is the space just above the top line), (b) appear as small notes, and (c) are in voice 3, so they all have stems up, and don't interfere with any existing notes in the drum staff.

Maybe it's a matter of generalising how copying from melody staves to drum staves works. It would probably be OK for notes to be pasted on the line (pitch?) of the currently selected item in the drumset (I've added one for the 'cue' position), and in the currently selected voice. As they will remain selected after the paste, I can then change the note size in the Inspector.

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If I understand correctly, this can already done. Copy the melody to the drum staff, then Edit / Voices / Exchange Voice 1-3 to move it to voice 3, then Edit / Tools / Toggle Rhythmic Slash Notation. The notes will automatically be marked small and above the staff, stems up, and silent.

OK, thanks Marc. It works as you say.

The handbook simply says that, when toggled to rhythmic slash, voices 3 and 4 become small and just above/below the staff. On melody staves all 4 voices are converted to slashes, but on drum staves voices 3 and 4 stay as (small) notes.

I'll experiment further (so I get everything correct), then add some info to the handbook (under both drum notation and rhythmic slash).

As this is really a documentation issue, I'll close it here soon.