How to create a dashed line connecting 2 notes

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I am entering a piece for a choir (4 voices) in a closed score. The melody switches from one to another voice. I added CF (cantus firmus) at the right places, but I would like to accent the melody line by drawing a thin dashed line from one note in one voice, to the next in another voice.

I can't find a way to do this.


Take a line from the Lines Palette (in the Advanced Workspace), ajust the handles so it connects the notes and make it dashed in Inspector
Ot create a straight line glissando (and disable playback, as well as gliss text), although you can't make that dashed ot dotted

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This is exactly what I want to do, but I can't seem to make a line connect to any notes - the anchors just seem to attach to a beat, but won't overlap the staff for some reason. What am I missing? In the attached example, I'm trying to draw the dotted line between the lower G in the upper stave at the end of bar 1, to the upper B flat in the lower stave at the start of bar 2.

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You responded to a 3 years old thread...
However; click that G, Ctrl+click the Bflat, then use Add > Lines > Note-anchored line
Optionally change its offset by 0.5sp. so that if goes from notehead center to center
Can't make it dotted or dashed though, looks like a bug.
So back to the method mentioned furhter up, using a line from the lines palette, you need to manually position it though

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