Copyright from template overwritten by empty value in dialog

• Aug 11, 2015 - 19:57
S5 - Suggestion
GitHub issue

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)
GIT commit: f51dc11

I created a personal template by setting everything and saving the mscz in the template directory. In the template I set the copyright. When I open the file with MuseScore the copyright is correctly set.
When I use this as template while creating a new piece, though, the copyright is overwritten by the value set in the pop-up screen, even if that value is not set at all.

The value from the template should not be overwritten if no other value is set in the dialog.


The only things copied from template are the style and staff settings - copyright, titles, notes, lyrics, etc are all ignored. That's the whole point of creating a score from a template as opposed to simply making a copy of a score. So the current behavior is not a bug.

However, the idea of setting title etc after selecting the template certainly has merit and is worth considering. The the dialog could be prepopulated with values from the template. Not sure what the downsides are.


I can see your point.
I was taken by surprise with this. The reason was that I couldn't create what I wanted directly from MuseScore. So, I saved the SATB template uncompressed, and tweaked that to my needs (especially having two voices in one staff I couldn't create). Then I opened that with MuseScore to save it as .mscz.

As for the 'rest', at the moment I have to go through file > info anyway to set various values. The rest of the values are different per piece anyway.

Coming to think of it, pre-populating title etc. from the template can be very confusing for the users. So, I think that's not wise either. In fact the copyright value is the only one which can be expected to stay the same over various pieces.
So, yes, of the pop-up and the template selection is reversed, a filter would be needed to only filter pre-populate the copyright value.

I'm a lazy programmer, I don't want to type anything twice if not needed, but I should have thought about it more thoroughly.

Thanks for making me realize that keeping things simple and straightforward for users does have its limitations.

In the end this might not warrant a lot of work! Up to you wat you want to do with this issue.