2 Feature Requests.

• Jan 10, 2009 - 17:24

I have 2 feature requests the Mscore team might enjoy a laugh at.

1. An expansion of the keystrokes (shortcuts) menu to include simple edit cursor navigation between staves. (up and down) If this is currently in, it doesn't seem to work. (I willingly submit this might be user error, so beat me with a digital housebrick if this is the case.)

2. The creation of an articulation/voice 'dictionary', where we can assign ports and midi channels, independent of the soundfont patch designation. I.E, being able to assign 1st violins bow up to port 1, mcha 1, 1st violins bow down, to port 1, mcha 2, etc....
We could then use Mscore with a large orchestral template mid out/playback into Linuxsampler, for example.
And in this dictionary, we could also set percentage lengths for articulation/symbols. I.E Fermatas changeable to 115% of the tempo regular note length.
(This and more was in an old, defunct, but excellent engraver app called Igor Engraver. Still, imho, the best of the 'big three' notation apps, in any OS, for workflow. If Mscore gets even half of what IG had, we'll be very lucky and very happy notators.)

The current midi port count is a maximum of 8. If the above request is possible, then increasing the port count to 24, or more, would put a lot of Linux playback power at our ink stained, and parchment worn fingertips.


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