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• Sep 26, 2010 - 03:09

New user on Mac OS X, and using MuseScore v.

I can't find anything in the online help files about how to delete a slur. I understand how to change the slur, reshape, etc.



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Thanks for the help, David. However, I've tried selecting the slur so that only the slur line is highlighted, as well as double-clicked it so the handles are showing. Pressing delete does nothing with either type of selection.

As I've been working in my file further, I'm having the same problem with several other items--select them and can't delete them. For instance, I added rehearsal marks (Create>Text>Rehearsal Mark) and can't delete one after putting it in the wrong measure. I can delete the actual text in the text box, but can't delete the box itself. In fact, after double-clicking on the Mark text box a couple times, MuseScore "unexpectedly quits." I tried this a number of times and always got the quit problem. Each time the typical message appears asking if I want to Ignore, Report, or Reopen. It reopened fine a number of times. However, finally my file seemed to disappear upon clicking the Reopen button. I had to create a new file and start over.

I had pressed S so many times that there were multiple slurs in the same spot so it looked like it wasn't deleting. I just kept deleting (I used 'cut') until the last one was gone. But it looked like nothing was changing (except I noticed the slur line got a little thinner after the first few cuts) until the last one was deleted.

Found a solution!

The answer on top is correct - select the slur and press Delete (whatever the key combination is on your machine). Here select means click on it only once - do not double-click on it to enter the edit mode.

The main problem for me was that, at regular zoom level, it was almost impossible to click on a slur and select it. If I right-click on it, it would always show a context menu for a slur segment.

=> SOLUTION: Zoom-in the page and magnify the slur so that it appears huge on-screen. Then you should be able to click on it in order to select it. Only then the Delete will really remove it from the page.

I hope this helps.

I'm having about the same trouble. I see how to get handles on the slur and reshape it, but right clicking seems to do nothing. I can drag the slur around, re-shape it, but not delete it. The "Del" key seems to do nothing, as well as the "Backspace" and even the Ctrl-X.

I'm on MuseScore 2.1.0 in Windows 10.

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