Provide options to change default transposition options

• Aug 7, 2015 - 11:58
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Whenever I go to transpose a score (or part) the "use double # and b" option is selected. Maybe I am musically stupid but this seems the least likely option a user would want so why is it the default? At least make it possible for the user to change the default!


well I'm in defense of (keeping the default of) transposing with double sharps and flats, since intervals that are a certain number of staff lines apart prior to transposing will remain the same number of staff lines apart after transposing.

Title Crazy default option in transposition Provide options to change default transposition options

Double flats and double sharps exist for a reason, deliberately spelling nots incorreectly will occasionally be appropriate for specific reasons but should not be the default. You can already override the default in the specific cases where it is appropriate, I don't really see any point in cluttering the UI with more options just for this.

However, currently there is no way to specify the desired behavior when using the Concer Pitch button, and I believe we do need options for that. If provided, they could perhaps also be used to set the defaults in the transposition dialog.

Totally agree with awillkey's suggestion. I'm just an amateur musician, and double sharps and flats are something I never use, nor has anyone in any of the bands I play in (contradance, klezmer). It's frustrating for these to creep in and fail to notice until after I'm at rehearsal with the flawed printout (yes, I know, I should do a better job of proofreading).

Could you attach an example> While as mentioned double flats and sharps really are a thing and when used correctly they actually improve readability, but it's also possible you are spelling the transposition interval incorrectly and this is what is resulting in unexpected note spellings. We'd have to see a particular score and the particular transposition you are using in order to understand better.

A possible implementation of this feature request can be found here: 864be64. It adds preferences to control the default values for four of the options in the Transpose Dialog, and exposes them to the user via the "Advanced" tab in the Preferences window. Hopefully, this does not add too much clutter to the UI. I wasn't sure whether or not we wanted to be able to control the defaults for all four of these, but this shows how it can be done.

It's certainly nice and simple from a code perspective. But I worry it's too hard to discover. I wonder if better would be a single checkbox in the dialog, "save these settings as the default"? Ideally, I guess people would want it to apply to everything except the key/interval itself, though.

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Nice idea to allow for remembering the transposition options to use them next time.
Note that I am happy with the current default options.

I would rather be more interested if all elements of the transposition menu would not be reset next time the menu is called. I mean, not only the options, but also the transposition parameters.
Of course resetting makes sense if you quit Musescore, but can be a nuisance within a Musescore session.

So if you implement "save options", please consider including all elements of the menu and not only the two options at the bottom of the menu. If somebody only wants to change the options, he can simply save the setting without touching the other elements.