Alternate symbol for a -^ chord

• Aug 7, 2015 - 02:05

Check out Mark Levine's symbol for a minor/major 7th chord (from the Jazz Theory Book):
Is there any way in MuseScore to put the - under the delta? I can write "F^" and move a dash or underscore underneath it, but that doesn't look too good.

Is there any way to add that symbol? With shapecatcher I found ⧋ 'TRIANGLE WITH UNDERBAR' (U+29CB) and ⍙ 'APL FUNCTIONAL SYMBOL DELTA UNDERBAR' (U+2359), but MuseScore doesn't support those characters.


No way to do this currently other than to add the symbol as an ordinary symbol rom the Symbols palette rather than a chord symbol. Personally, I wouldn't recommend doing that - the advantages of having the chord symbol be a true chord symbol (transposition, MusicXML export, etc) outweigh whatever advantage there might be in using that particular symbol. It's not an especially common symbol (I've never seen it elsewhere) and the more common forms work fine.

You *can* get this result by hand-editing the chord style file you are using - or, better, make a copy of it and edit that and save it in your own Styles folder. There are comments in the file that might give you an idea of how to do it, although it's not exactly "supported". Ultimately, I *would* like to add a facility to allow the rendering of chord symbols to be edited directly from the UI.

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Why not? Seems it should be possible,. Use the "69" chord as a model to see how to get the stacking. You might need to use resized versions of the glyphs I guess.

For the record, when I say we don't "support" this, I mean, we don't make it easy, we have no intention of producing documentation on the process, etc. But if it works today, it will probably continue to work. The customized style file itself might not, but scores created with it probably will. The information from any custom style file used is hard-coded into the score, so it should even display properly within MuseScore on systems that don't have your custom style file installed.

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-^ is still parsed as two separate tokens, so you can't do this as a the token definition. It would have to be a special rule for that particular chord symbol. Which is to say, I was not specific enough when I said to use 69 as a model. You want something like its rendering rule, but you want to use a "chord" rule rather than a "token" rule. So it's more like the definition for "6/9" at the bottom of the file you would want to use.

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Nice job! I guess you could declare a sym in that same file with a mag factor like is done for "add". This will make it fatter as well as longer, but maybe not by enough to bother your. Or you could take that character from another font - just a different whole "font" element. But then the question is, which font, and will others have it, which could get in the way of compatibility.

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