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I wonder if anyone uses a piano called "Ivy Audio" and work for you in musescore, the format is "sfz".
I usually use Salamander and loads smoothly Zerberus.
The fact is that this piano is admitted, does not leave the progress bar and not sound.
I've been researching and sample files are FLAC format, salamander are WAV.
Perhaps that is the reason and must be converted?
I do not want to know if anyone else has this problem.
A greeting


The piano is great quality, you can be seen here.
I've been thinking and possibly that MuseScore not accept the FLAC format and may not be easy to correct just by changing the format, surely there is internal references to FLAC files.

The Ivy Audio piano is not compatible with MuseScore because of the opcodes within the SFZ, not the audio files themselves.
You would need to alter the SFZ file in order for it to be compatible with MuseScore, and the changes that would have to be made will negatively impact the quality of the library.

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MuseScore does not support very many opcodes. In my opinion, it is useless as an SFZ player UNLESS you use it ONLY with the Salamander Grand Piano (which really is a very basic SFZ). Most opcodes that are common and in the vast majority of SFZs (such as the keyswitch and round robin) opcodes are not supported. If any of these opcodes are present, MuseScore will not play the sound.

Ivy Audio's piano works great in almost every program that uses SFZ, but if you want to use it in MuseScore, you need to find an SFZ player and use JACK audio.

Hello "lasconic".
You mean you can run the piano musescore?
Would you be so kind as to tell us? I'm using "Windows"

A greeting.

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You can use it with an experimental "nightly" build, which you would need to download and install as described on the "Download" page (see link at top of menu at right of this page). These are meant for tesitng and experimenting only; don't rely on nightly builds for "real" work.

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Hello "JoJo".
I downloaded "MuseScoreNightly-2015-08-17-2307-1dad6e2.7z" I've installed everything perfect.
When load "IVI PIANO", more or less in the percentage 80% the program tells me it can not load the file, both "Ambient" and "Close".
I tried to load other sfz as Salamander without problem.
At what's the problem?
Thank you,

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