Is this a bug or a feature? (ties in tablature)

• Aug 4, 2015 - 00:49

When you tie a note to another in tab, the note it's tied to doesn't appear, which is great. But the tie does, for whatever reason:
Tablature tie problem.png
As you can see, slurs normally appear in tab, which is also great, but ties don't normally AFAIK. For example:
No ties in tab..JPG


In my view, it is neither a bug or a feature, but merely a habit or convention in the published scores when the Tab is "simple" type (without stems outside or inside)

Watch these two very recent score extracts that confirm this: the slurs are displayed on the Tab staff, but not the ties.

But if the opportunity is given to us to extend ties for increasing the readability of the Tab, why not.


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Yes, I saw it, and why not, as said.

But, to reply further to the initial message, and add an element for explaining for why the ties are not "normally" displayed in Tab staff "simple" (as images of published scores above).

Indeed, this Tab "simple" type is not supposed to display items related to the duration of notes (or their extension, as for the ties).
The slurs have nothing to do with this aspect of the duration (and it is for why there are displayed)

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Ah, this is something else!
A clarification: when I said earlier that the ties were not normally displayed in Tab staff "simple", I obviously thought to the second (non-initial) tied note.

So, to summarize: some prefer to see nothing at all (like you, and as the published scores above), others prefer to see the two tied notes (numbers / letters) - and it is the subject of a feature request -, and others (myself included) appreciate the current behavior, which shows the first note with a tie while suggesting just the second note without displaying.

I think that soon everyone will be happy and will do according to his liking :)

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