Playback completely pauses during rests

• Sep 21, 2010 - 23:43
S4 - Minor

...then continues from where it left off often making it sound like there's a grace note.

It happens during normal playback, adding / selecting notes, and in rendering.

Here is an example:
As you can hear it very much disrupts the flow of the music.

I noticed, as you will hear in the attached, that it only happens with some instruments and does not happen every time, like the very first note in the attached zip's ogg.
In the attachment there is a horn which does this pause while the strings do not.

Simple way to test:
1) New score, 1 Flute
2) Start adding notes

That alone already gives me artifacts.

Musescore 0-9-6 revision 3400
Linux using ALSA and Portaudio.

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Status (old) active needs info

Does it always happen in the same place in the music for you? Do you have other programs or computer activity running in the background? What computer are you running it on? RAM, CPU, etc.

2.4GHz Intel Dual-Core CPU
nVidia 9400GT Graphics Card

It happens every time with the test file horn section and when adding notes. Sometimes I have Firefox or another app open.

Someone had the same problem on the french forum on Ubuntu, but using Alsa directly and not via portaudio. he solved his problem by increasing the Period size to 1024 and Fragments to 8. Sampling rate stays at 48000.

I've tried changing those but it didn't make a difference in playback.
In earlier versions of MuseScore I could get playback sometimes without using Portaudio, but now no sound and it doesn't even begin playing (the blue line.)