Wrapped Time Signatures Cannot Be Deleted On Top Line

• Aug 3, 2015 - 06:28
S4 - Minor
by design

In a score with multiple instruments, a time signature that is wrapped across the end of a line cannot be removed by clicking on the time signature.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Download the attached file ("Tricky Time Signature") and jump to step 2 or re-create it with the following steps:

A. Start MuseScore 2.0.2 or the latest nightly build
B. Click "Create New Score"
C. Click Next
D. Click Choose Instruments
E. Add Vocals | Voice
F. Add a Piano
G. Click Next
H. Click Finish
I. Add a 3/4 time signature to measure 4.
J. Add a 4/4 time signature to measure 7.
K. Add a 3/4 time signature to measure 16. Notice that measure 16 now wraps to the next line and "16" appears on the score.

2. Click one of the 3/4 time signatures at the end of the first line (I've shown its location in the attachment named "Screenshot.png")
3. Press "Delete" on your keyboard. Nothing will happen.

The workaround is to go to the next line where 3/4 appears again and delete the time signature there.

System Details:
- GIT commit: f51dc11
- Windows 7 x64 EN-US

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I would say this is by design: the time signature at the end of the line is just a courtesy, the real time signature is the one at the beginning of the next line and this can be deleted (or edited).

If you do not want courtesy time signatures to appear at all, uncheck the relevant check box in the score style settings. If you do want courtesy time signatures in general, but do not want a specific courtesy time signature to appear, select its "real" time signature and uncheck the "Show Courtesy" in the Inspector.

Or am I missing something?

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Thanks for the tip. Now I understand that the time signature at the end of line 1 is a courtesy signature.

I hope the disabled "Show courtesy" checkbox does not create problems; there isn't anything that says the user has clicked on a courtesy time signature.