(Dis)Advantages MuseScore Pro account?

• Jul 28, 2015 - 18:18

The advantages of a Pro account are still not very clear to me. From what I read in both cases there seems NO limit in uploading files. However with the free account only the last 5 files you've uploaded are accessible.
Nevertheless all other stored files from the free account stay stored but become accessible if you buy the Pro account. Correct? That may be a good reason to buy a Pro account if you wanted share and access more then the last 5 stored files. Other advantages apart from statistics about users downloading your files?

However, from what I understand in both cases you can only upload file by file. So if you had 10.000 files at your disk you wanted to upload, you need to upload 10.000 times? There are numerous other ways to store and share your files (clouds, servers etc.), which can easily be done by uploading complete directories in one action. Or can that be done with a Pro account as well?


I would like to upgrade to MuseScore Pro account, BUT sadly, there is only payment with some cards. I don't have them. A much better payment option for me would be PayPal.

You can store and share files anywhere, but this is the only site that allows others to play your files. Sure, they can play an MP3 anywhere. But if having others see/appreciate your scores as they hear your compositions or other postings is important to you, this is the place to be. Of course, you can make video scores and post on YouTube, but that's a different world. The people who post here or comment on scores are at least filtered by the fact that they post scores, whereas on YouTube there is a much broader audience (which may or may not be what you want).

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What you're suggesting is that this is the place where composers and/or arrangers can get the correct attention for their efforts. This may be surely true, but I belong to the people who want to read and play music which has been around already a long time. Fakebook jazz scores. And I like to search from thousands of excisting scores. Then download the correct one and be able to exchange it, transpose it, all on the spot, (not print on paper) but play it right away during a rehearsel or a jam.

It goes without saying:

  1. There's lots of different ways to do things.
  2. Anyone can share anything on the internet in anyway technically possible.

I've stored scores on dropbox. I've stored scores on google drive. I've also stored pdfs on github. I've also uploaded them on my private server. I'll also blast pdfs via email. So what, that just means there a lot of different ways to share online. But it's much nicer to have a permanent spelled out url for all my scores easily accessible on the public internet along with playback and multiple download formats automatically pre-generated, so people can use it in whatever format. (One new advantage of the pro account is automatically generating pdfs of *parts* in addition to the score pdf). Especially when you start to get 100's of scores, you'll start to appreciate the convenience. Its also another backup for me.

Also I think it is a great way to help support some of the core devs, as it is always challenging to make money developing open source.

There are also the unseen benefit of keeping musescore.com free of ads. That makes the internet a little less sucky for everyone, and I'm happy to help contribute some money just to cover hosting costs for free users.

What exactly are the disadvantages you are referred to in your title (other than having to pay money)?

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Thanks for this clear explanation. Yes, I rather would like one accessible url delivering all what you could possible think of free of ads. Yes, I like to contribute some money for MuseScore.com for all the reasons you mention, so I just did. But No, I don't like to upload them file by file, if I wanted to store 10.000 songs, or even my bands directories with say 50 files.
I was not aware of "multiple download formats automatically pre-generated" were possible. May be this is something which could be more exposed when reading the benifits of a Pro account, it mentions only PDF. So now I know what formats you refer to apart from .mscz (MuseScore format) also PDF, MusicXML, midi and mp3.
Not that this is reason for me but other people may be thrilled.

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I guess MuseScore beïng a notation program is of special interest for composers and arrangers. But there many more people who just want to play well known and many times old songs. They want to search for songs from a hughes data-base, download it and transpose it (other instrument key or adapting to singers voice). The MuseScore Songbook is excellent for this purpose beïng available for almost any tablet. All fake books should long be available in .mscz at your data-base. Publishers really don't adapt and are still living in the last century.
It seems not very practical each time you want to upload a number of files from a directory to be depended on MuseScore.
I'll contact you anyway.

I could find no difference between the free and the Pro version. I actually found it worse than the free version. For example, I tried using dynamics in the Pro version and on the audio playback, it made no dynamic change. Where as on the free version, it did change. Also, looking through the hotbar, there is very little added. If you are considering purchasing the Pro version, DON'T DO IT!!!

The Pro version doesn't work. Like I said, the free version is better than the Pro version. I got frustrated with it with in the first 5 minutes of having it. It's promotions aren't true. There is very little difference, but the things that are different are VERY ADVANCED things, such as in dynamics, a z for SFZ and for accidentals, a sori, and a bunch of stuff modern composers don't usually use.


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There is no pro version of the MuseScore program, the only thing you can pay for and get something extra is a Pro Account on MuseScore.com. This allows you to have unlimited score saved on the site and a few other minor things. It also supports the developers financially so the program can continue to be free.

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Complete and utter nonsense, there is no pro version of MuseScore, just a pro account on the musescore.com website. And dynamics playback it available there for pro and non-pro users.
Maybe you confuse this with the Basic and Advanced workspaces? Indeed the latter has Sori, the former does not.

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Not sure what went wrong regarding dynamics, but as noted, you seem to be confused. There is no Pro version of MuseScore, only a free version, and dynamics most definitely do work, at least the basic ones like p, mf, ff, etc. Some of the more specialized ones like fp or sfz do not. MuseScore "Pro" is about the website and only the website, not about the software itself in any way.

As for the idea of who would pay $50 for the ability to upload unlimited scores rather than cheating the system by creating multiple account (which obviously won't be linked in terms of followers, group memberships, statistics, etc), then answer appears to be that quite a few people do, as evidenced by the number of "Pro" icons I see next to people's names when browsing the site :-). It's OK if it's not for you, but please don't spread misinformation.

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