Fermatas for whole system?

• Sep 12, 2010 - 11:11

It becomes very tiresome when working with large scores having to manually add a fermata to every stave in a system! Is there any way to add them to every stave on the system at once?


If want to put fermatas on the last measure, click the top measure of the score, then hold shift and click the bottom measure of the score (so the last measure in every part is selected), then double click the fermata on the Articulations & Ornaments palette.

How do you get the fermata to work, when playing back the notes? Have inserted the fermata with the mouse on the last note (becoming red). But when playing the music, there is no fermata function. Using version 0963 rev 3507 om Win XP SP3

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Fermatas do not work properly in playback. My simple workaround is to add a tempo text above the fermata measure, and set the tempo (through right-clicking on the text and selecting "Tempo Properties") at something slow. I then right-click the tempo text and select "Set Invisible" to keep it from being visible.

If you use this workaround, you have to repeat this process at the beginning of the next measure after the one with the fermata and set it to whatever you want, or else you'll still have that slow tempo you set in the fermata measure.

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