Songbook for iPad and Androïd

• Jul 25, 2015 - 14:52

Since the last update of the MuseScore SongBook did allow us to see the original versions as written in the .mscz files, meaning it honors the original number of measures per line, the app becomes an important tool for me to read and transpose music files. The great values of the app are:
1. It can be used both at iPad and Androïd systems making it universal for almost all tablets.
2. It can transpose your music on the spot.
3. It can import/exchange files anywhere from clouds or email.

Some missing aspects may imho even greatly improve its usefulness,
1. During transpose you might want to read stuff one octave higher or lower? ( I didn't discover how to manage it)
2. A usefull Handbook (help) might still help people understanding all details of this particular app?
3. An export to email and/or print option.

There are already 10 thousand and more usable song files which right away can be downloaded for free to be used in this app and directly to be transposed to your favourite key.


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