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• Sep 10, 2010 - 20:46

I'm new here, greetings! I'm a composer, musician, and software developer.
I am creating a free web application for churches, called ServiceBuilder.

I would like to integrate sheet music for copyright-free hymns. I'm wondering if there is a musescore plugin -- maybe flash or java, that would allow midi files to be viewed in a browser as sheet music?

If not, do you know of any similar projects that would perhaps fit this need? I've found a nifty NIFF format java applet, however I can't find an easy way to convert MIDI to NIFF on the fly. Perhaps I need to write something like this, but I'm not very familiar with either file formats.

Any suggestions or redirections?

Jason Silver


As you will find if you read many discussions about this topic in the forums, MIDI to Notation needs editing almost always because MIDI doesn't carry a lot of the info.

I would suggest using some "stand-alone" Sequencer where one would quantize everything as exactly as necessary rather than trying to clean it up in a notation program.


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Automatic MIDI to score rendition is not possible. You can try but it but it will not be accurate. A midi file does not contains dynamics marking, rehearsal marks, tremolo notation, even time signature changes or key signature changes.
There are a lot of software claiming to do it, including browser plugins, but they fail because making a good sheet music from a MIDI performance is a human craft, just like good cuisine.
But you know that already I guess...

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Thanks for the reply Lasconic.

Yes, I've been using Midi and notation software since 1984, back on an Apple II! So I'm aware of the shortcomings.

Usually hymns do not require all of the elements you're describing... perhaps the occasional fermata... that's about it.

My research is leading me down a slightly different path; I think I'm going to go the way of abc notation. There's a nice Javascript abc renderer here:

The trick will be writing a search engine to track down the abc files, and to do some automatic midi to abc conversion on the server. One benefit is much of this kind of software is written for Linux, so it's a fairly smooth transition to a web server.

Thanks again,
Jason Silver

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I would be interested in this as well. I am developing a jazz education software for ios and android. A flash-like plugin to render and play the score would be amazing!!!

By the way, for ney sayers, check out Sibelius's plugin.
It does exactly what is requested by Jason.

I would rather put 2 bars in my app and have it midi play there than uploading music to some place.
Because, if it is right there in the app ( even though ) for 2 or 4 bars, I can teach something right there and then. If they have go out and download some other place concentration and study fails.

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