[VERY CONFUSING] Chromatic Scale Questions.

• Jul 24, 2015 - 07:07

starting on chromatic scales on violin, musescore as an assistant. abrsm violin grade 8 chromatic scales.

should I place Natural Sign as the photo attached?

The mscz file contains Original Score C, Original Score E Flat, Modified E Flat (with 2 natural signs added)


What is the theory behind about chromatic scales? how many types of them commonly?
any special tricks?

thanks a million.

P.S. Same book, A Flat got the same situation.


The rule for accicdentals is that if a note is in a different octave from a previous note with an accidental is that it does not need cancelling.

So the absence of naturals in the scale book is correct.

As to how many types of chromatic scale there are - the answer is one :)

A chromatic scale plays every note including diatonic notes and sharps/flats. The only difference is the starting note.

On keyboards the fingering is the same for every chromatic scale. For violin you may find that different chromatic scales have different fingering patterns - but you will need to ask your teacher about that.

As a guitarist I find it odd that there should be open strings involved - all guitar scales are played with fingered notes - an open string loses finger contact with the instrument, with possible consequent loss of position for the next note. I would ask your teacher whether the fingering is written in stone :)


PS MuseScore is pretty good at the automatic placement of accidentals, so in theory you should be able to accept its default in most cases.

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