Spacing of Time Signature

• Dec 29, 2008 - 09:50

See attached file. (windows r 1344)
When placing a start repeat bar line immediately following the time signature, the bar line and the time signature are right next to one another. I've played with the edit mode for both the bar line and the time signature but can not move them.
Is there any way of increasing the distance between the two to make it look a bit better?
If not - possibly a slight change to the program to allow a little more space?

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there is a way. If you open the "Object Inspector" (right klick on the timesig) you can change the offset (use a negative value in the first box after "offset" to shift the signature to the left).

As a result you will have more space between the signature and the bar line but the space between time and key will be to small. To change this you can go to Style->EditStyle->Measure and increase the timesig left margin.

Perhaps there is an easier solution but at least this one works :-)


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