Date and Time format

• Jul 20, 2015 - 06:28

Hi, gang!!!

Is there a way to change the date and time format to put it on a footer or header? ???

I mean, in my system I chose my country (Chile) way: Domingo, 17 de Julio de 2015, 20:35 Hr., but MuseScore shows it as: 17/5/15 20:35

How can I change it? ???




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No, it doesn't work on my PC (Lubuntu).

I mean, it still shows 20/7/15 instead Lun 20 Jul 2015.

It seems it is some Lubuntu issue, because I tried with the "Insert Fields" option into LibreOffice and it showed the same format (which is not the one should be).

Whatever, into the Language Support (configuration menu), the date and time are right.

I don't know what's happen here!!!



MuseScore doesn't use $d $DD $mmm etc. as your system does. It simply uses $d as shorthand for today's date and $D for creation date. So, it's not a fault but you could put in a feature request to allow different/custom date formats.

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