what has happened?

• Sep 4, 2010 - 17:58

I was writing a score as the snapshot attached suddenly selecting the bar n.21 ( for modification) mscore select “all bars” to the end .... this means : if I decide to delete something mscore will delete all bars to the end mscore will works as usual ( correctly) selecting the bar n. 23 i.e. if I want to insert notes
is there anybody that would help me or explain what has happened?

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Bar number 22 has become corrupt (notice it doesn't have four beats in the measure).

The way to recover from this is to

  1. File > Save a Copy (just in case you do something wrong and need to go back to it)
  2. Select the measures after the corrupt measure (bars 23 to the end in your case)
  3. Edit > Copy
  4. Click on an empty part of the corrupt measure (which should select bars 22 to the end)
  5. Edit > Delete Selected Measures
  6. Create > Measures > Append Measures... (to add back the number of measures you just deleted)
  7. Select the new bar 22
  8. Edit > Paste

If you are not using the latest version of MuseScore (as of this writing, version it is strongly recommended that you upgrade. If you discover steps that cause this type of corruption to occur please share the information.

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