Create score from personnal template failed

• Dec 27, 2008 - 11:48


Today, I create a template and try to start a new score from it. Musescore crash each time I try.
It works when I create score from another templates, even from personal one.
I think the score file is not good but I don't know what to do.
I try to generate the same template another time but the same thing appends.

I use version v0.9..4 revision 1390 on Ubuntu 8.10.
Ask If you want other informations.
Thanks for reading.

$ mscore -d
Suspending PulseAudio
global share:
configured localeName
load translator
load translator
connect to midi input
connect to midi input
DPI 1200.000000(1200) PDPI 96.000000(96) DPMM 47.244094
Register Plugin
Register Plugin
updateSelectedElements: bad staff selection 0 - 1
WARNING: Child process terminated by signal 11
Failure to resume: Invalid argument

Attachment Size
Xavier violon piano.msc 10.64 KB


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