Quarter Triplets

• Dec 27, 2008 - 01:01

I wonder why this hasnt come up yet (I searched the forums for it several times), but quarter triplets look like eighth-note triplets as soon as there are at least two consecutive quarter notes in it. This has probably already been adressed in the latest prereleases, but there were some other issues with triplets:

a) creating them is inconvenient and counter-intuitive. It should be : 8th-note + CTRL-3 = eighth-triplet, not 16th, as there are statistically more 8th triplets in 8th lines than in quarter lines (etc.) , and it seems more intuitive to me to do it that way.

b) deleting notes from tuplets creates awkward results (strange rests), deleting any note from within a tuplet should create a rest of the length of that note; deleting a complete tuplet should leave a rest of the exact duration of the complete rests, and not the mess it produces now (doesn't even add up correctly).

c) selecting also seems odd. every note within a tuplet should be selectable and treated like any other note. the whole tuplet (bracket/number) should be selectable, and deleting it should delete the tuplet and all the notes within (leaving clean rests).

Sorry if these are known or even fixed issues, but if I could write quarter triplets i could already use mscore for most of my needs, but withuot them i cant use it at all ... but it seems to be the best on the FOSS market anyways.

(I am using the most recent stable build as of now, on Ubuntu 8.10).

Thank you guys for the excellent work so far!


If you start with a half note you'll get triplet quarters. If you start with a quarter note you'll get triplet eighths. This is explained in the handbook (see tuplet ).

a) See above

b) The strange rests after deleting notes in a triplet is no longer a problem in the prereleases.

c) I haven't noticed any selection problems with notes in triplets so I'm not sure what you mean. However the whole tuplet (bracket/number) is selectable and deletable in the latest prereleases.

Prerelease builds are available for Ubuntu

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