[GP] Issue with barlines in Bass parts

• Jul 15, 2015 - 18:26
S4 - Minor

Nightly b924062 / Windows7

1) Open this file: Mark Knopfler - Darling Pretty (Pro).gp3
2) View "Bass" part
Result: the barlines length are wrong in tab staff

- Same result with the 2.0.1


I see the bad barlines. They change as you click on them, to something better but still not right. This sounds related to the code I've been working on lately, but I'm pretty sure nothing that actually got merged would have affected this. The fact that you see the same in 2.0.1 appears to confirm this is not a recent regression.

So, is it just this file, or a general problem with bass parts in gp3 files?

I don't see the problem with multimeasure rests. Your picture is showing only the first few measure,s but they were already empty. There weren't any notes until measure 18. And for me, this remains true after turning mmrests off.

Title [GP] Issue with barlines and MM rests [GP] Issue with barlines

Sorry to be stunned! Or, the impending release of the 2.0.2 makes feverish!

No issue of course with MM rests... :) Edited message.

"So, is it just this file, or a general problem with bass parts in gp3 files?"
Don't know for now. Deserves checking.

Title [GP] Issue with barlines [GP] Issue with barlines in Bass parts

Infortunately, I see always the same issue with all GP3, GP4, GP5 files opened since now (in Bass parts). More than a dozen. Probably too late to further investigation? (for the 2.0.2)
This one eg: 1californication red hot.gp4

I see a change in March. But it's wrong also in the beginning of March: the tab staff in Bass part displays 6 lines :(
At the end of March, 4 lines as expected, but with wrong barlines length as described above.
Need some work I guess...
So, the workaround is to select one barline in TaB staff: Select -> More -> Same staff -> Ok

Then, in Inspector, reduce the Span value to 6.

EDIT: for the record, I see the same issue (the first one, with 6 lines on Tab staff in Bass part) since a Nightly in May 2014 56177c3 :(
issue march.jpg

And for the change (4 lines in tab staff for Bass , but wrong barline length), it occurs on March 5. 5 mars.jpg

EDIT: after checking, the change might be a side effect of this commit ? : 70b40fd

Status (old) active patch (code needs review)

You got the right commit, but the lines :-). The "mscx" files in the commit are just test files. The actual work is in the "cpp" files (usually).

My guess is the following would fix the issue, but I have no way of doing much testing aside from the one sample file I have, and the tests would presumably need to be updated: