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• Jul 14, 2015 - 21:50

Would be possible for the developers of MuseScore to make glissando playback. E.G.: If I placed a glissando then go to the inspector, I should have three options for playback: a pitch bend option (for things like synth or violin; chromatic (for piano mimicking pitch bend), or natural notes A.K.A. white keys (for piano). I would appreciate that if it was implemented into MuseScore.


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Chromatic plays every note. Diatonic, as you know, plays by the key signature. Including accidentals would allow the user to make for example an F# in the key of Bb (thus making the key signature G minor) and the accidental should be honored in all octaves of the glissando. It is not uncommon for accidentals to appear in a glissando in harp music. The notes of the glissando are notated in the first octave, the glissando line is then drawn to the end note, or possibly the last 2 or 3 notes. This will not currently play back correctly.

The new glissando/slide sounds all wrong, at least in guitar scores. The default chromatic version just plays a chromatic scale slowly between the indicated notes: nothing like a guitar slide at all, which is faster and doesn't emphasise the intermediate notes.

For guitarists, the new slide means that they have to turn off playback in the Inspector each time it is applied. Shouldn't playback be set to "off" by default?

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I wouldn't turn it off by default. I'm sure there are a lot of coding guitarists out there but so far nobody stood up to fix the challenges we have for guitars (harmonic notehead, playback, proper slide playback, better rendering of bend and so on...). Hopefully MuseScore 2.0.2 will be good enough to attract more guitarists and let them discover itches they want to scratch :)

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You can of course turn them off all at the end at once by right clicking one, Select / All similar elements, and then going to the Inspector.

FWIW, glissando can be used for multiple purposes; guitar slides is not the only or even main one. No sense disabling playback of glissando just because it isn't ideal for *all* of the purposes it might be used for.

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The glissando playback in Chromatic mode, indeed plays a chromatic scale between the indicated notes. And in fact, it plays all the notes with equal time allocation. It would of course be possible to enhance the glissando to add a property that indicates how much time the run should take, and in that case all the remaining time would be allocated to the final note.

If someone would like this enhancement, please let me know. I'd need a better description of exactly what the user would like to specify interactively. For example, if you specify a time in seconds/miliseconds, it might not work if you change the tempo of the piece. If you specify it as a percentage, it might be more intuitive. In any case please let me know.

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You're absolutely right about THIS kind of "Glissando". But, there are a lot of another "glissandi", most (my opinion) should be played by MuseScore as a continous blend instead a separate group of individual notes.

BUT... It's an absolutely instrument dependent issue (not all the instruments reacts the same way). So, I think there isn't an "easy solution" to the programmers.

Whatever, I very thanks the team for all those sensational improvements!!!!!!!


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Yes, bends (aka portamento) are a totally separate issue, and there is playback support for them when using the guitar bend notation. There are also "slides", but no playback support for these yet. Glissandi are meant to imply playing separate notes, but for the relatively few instruments capable of playing bends, eventually it would be good to have playback support for that as well indeed.

I'd like to second the suggested enhancement to gliss playback. The current gliss is often not fast enough for guitar slides.

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I can't imagine a use case for the post - in my experience, glissandi always reach the target note when notated; the only questions is how long you wait before starting. Doesn't hurt to add support it I guess, but it seems a bit of unnecessary clutter in the UI. Eventually, it would be good to full completely control of playabck of all of these markings via pianoroll editor or some such. Until then, I think the pre-delay is all the control one would ordinarily want.

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My question was for jim.newton.562. He said, "Do we only need a pre-delay, or do we also need a post-sustain? They are both the same level of difficult/ease to implement, and if we need them both we might as well add them at the same time," so I was under the assumption that he was working on it, or at least knew who was working on it. (He had also said to someone else, "I didn't implement a slide. All the modes I implemented were all subsets of the chromatic scale.") I figured he would know where it was implemented, if at all.

The original question I wanted answered was just if there was any version that had the pre-delay (and which one, if any).

It sounds like there was a enhancement made to make Glissandos sound more like a slide than a scale climb in Musescord 2.0.2. I have Musescore 2.0.3 and I do not see a way to do this. Any help would be appreciated! I'm interested in glissando's for strings.

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This is very much instrument-dependent, as has been already noted. I am using glissando for strings (viola and cello in my case) and this implementation is entirely unsatisfactory. A string gliss covers all the pitches between starting and ending notes. If a composer wants a fast chromatic scale run on strings, s/he will generally just write out all the notes. A glissando is a completely different effect. It would be nice if I could notate my music as I wish and have it play back as I intended.

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