Second dragged slur not selected

• Aug 29, 2010 - 15:18


Selecting a second slur after selecting a slur does not change the focus to the proper slur.




  1. Drag a slur to a note from the slur palette.
  2. The slur is selected with handles in edit mode
  3. Drag another slur to another note

Expected result : the second slur should now be selected in edit mode
Actual result : the first slur is still selected.

Title 2nd dragged slur not selected Second dragged slur not selected
Status (old) active needs info

Do we have a slur palette now?

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (d5f451c) - Mac 10.7.4.

It's called the Lines palette (as I think it probalbly always has) but this behavior hasn't changed. I suppose there might be reasons to orefer the current behavior, but offhand, I'm pretty sure I'd prefer the adding a slur to give it focus even if you are already in edit mode when you add it.

I confirm this problem, it's very annoying.
When I add slurs to a bunch of measures I would like to do it like this:
* drag a slur to a note from the tools panel
* use Shift+ arrow right to move it forward
* drag another slur on another note (this currently doesn't change the focus, I would call it a bug)
* use Shift + arrow right again (currently impossible due to the bug)

I am not quite understanding. Are you not pressing "Esc" when you are done editing the first slur? If you do that, everything should work as expected - at least it does for me. Really, if there's a bug, it's that MuseScore lets you add another slur before you have completeted editing the first. Probably all other operations should simply be lockled out.

BTW, there are more efficient ways of adding slurs than dragging then adjusting the handles. One is to select the notes first then press S. Another is to enter the slur while you are entering the notes - press S after entering the first note, again after the last.

Well, in that case, yes, the bug can be considered that you can drag a slur while editing another one.
If it allows you to do that, it makes no sense that the focus is still on the previous slur. So you either shouldn't be able to do that, or it should change the focus.

I agree that using the shortcut is faster though.