MIDI entry of tuplets ...

• Dec 23, 2008 - 20:10

Platform: Windows XP Pro
Version: r1375
MIDI Entry via Yamaha keyboard and Mido-Uno USB interface

Create a 'nominal' lead sheet, one staff, 4/4 time, nothing unusual.

2) Via MIDI, enter a quarter note.

3) Select the quarter note, type CTRL-3 to create a triplet.

4) Select first note of tuplet. Note entry is set to eighth notes.

5) Via MIDI, enter eighth notes.

Instead of entering three 'eighth' notes of the triplet, the triplet is deleted and replaced by two eighth notes in the first beat and one eighth note on the second beat.

Not sure if this behavior is intended or not? It makes is all but impossible to enter tuplet notes via MIDI.

What 'makes sense' is the following (at least via user option):

1) Enter quarter note.

2) Type CTRL-3 to create a triplet

3) Input mode changes to eighth notes.

4) Enter two additional eight notes / rests to complete the triplet.

If there are other options for this, please let me know.

Thanks, as always, for a great piece of software.

Ken Parrish
Lowell, MA


I do not have a MIDI keyboard to confirm this but it sounds like a bug since note entry via computer keyboard or mouse does not remove the triplet.

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